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-ctrl_vlv_059_-_Rob Michalchuk - Tragic Age Of The Greeks -


artist: Rob Michalchuk
title: “Tragic Age Of The Greeks”

1. Anaxagoras (recorded August 7th 2015)
2. Heraclitus (recorded August 10th 2015)

Alto saxophone and voice by Rob Michalchuk
Recorded during the month of August 2015
Brantford, Ontario, Canada


- 2 tracks of looping lo-fi-crud-jazz
- as always.....

Posted by chefkirk at 1:22 PM PST
-ctrl_vlv_058_-_Martin Rach_-_Artebellum-
-ctrl_vlv_058_-_Martin Rach_-_Artebellum-

artist: Martin Rach
title: “Artebellum”

Bio/statement: “This work consists of recording bells used to keep the deer away from Norwegian huts (autumn leaves/spring breaks) and a session of tambourine, Chinese balls and a drum set cowbell (winter solstice). With h4n Zoom recorder.
The title is a play on concepts of 'art of war', the historic period of 'antebellum' and word misplacement/mistranslation - where 'arte' changes 'ante', assimilating the meaning of ante - before; while 'bellum' (war) is taken to mean 'bells'. So you can get 'art of bells' or 'art before war' or even 'art of warring bells'.


- 3 tracks of percussive experiments
- as always.....

Posted by chefkirk at 6:06 PM PDT
-ctrl_vlv_057_-_Stephen Emmerson_-_Radio/Tape-

artist: Stephen Emmerson
title: “Radio/Tape”

Bio/statement: “Stephen Emmerson is a poet and artist. He lives in London. More information can be found here https://stephenemmerson.wordpress.com/.

Radio/Tape is an album made up of experiments with Radios and Tape. 7 Radios was recorded live at home using 7 radios sweeping between stations. AGFA was created from old recordings of mine that I found on a tape. They were looped and heavily FX'ed. Broken Radio (Acoustic), and Broken Radio were both recorded using the pulse from a broken digital radio as a backdrop.”

- 4 tracks of radio and tape experiments
- as always.....

Posted by chefkirk at 8:23 AM PDT
-ctrl_vlv_056_-_ Vasectomy Party_-_ The Truth is Illusive-

artist: Vasectomy Party
title: “The Truth is Illusive”

Bio/statement: “Vasectomy Party is the noise project of Hal Harmon (b.1976). Based out of Palmetto, FL, Vasectomy Party was formed out of pure boredom and isolation in the early days of 2012. The project was initially formed for private sound experimentation, but through the countless inspiration and encouragement of others, has had a steady stream of releases and live performances over the years. The project is grounded in the harsh noise idiom, but with forays into wall-noise, drone, glitch, tape manipulation, and electro-acoustic noise. In addition to Vasectomy Party, Harmon also records wall-noise under G’Mork and The Man With Icy Eyes, collaborates with Zachary Short in Nexus Monkey and Ry Sikora in Zone Tripper, runs Forever Escaping Boredom Records (est. 1997), and publishes Dialtone Aggressor zine.

The Truth is Illusive is loosely inspired by a conversation about the tension between seeking individual (subjective) truths, within the context of being part of some greater universal (objective) truth that connects us all as humans. No answers were found….no conclusions were made. I had a vague series of tracks running through my head at the time and this conversation managed to imprint itself onto the sounds presented on this album. A tenuous connective thread perhaps, but enough to inspire me to see these tracks through completion (rather than just junking them, which is often the case). My good friend, I hope you find the answers you seek in this life….or the next.

For the sounds I had in mind to do 3 tracks: a long piece based on a thick layer of white noise with various sounds working their way underneath, a shorter harsh noise track with cut-up dynamics, and a long synth-driven piece with some glitch and dial tones.

For track 1 “The Truth is Illusive” I wanted to record a piece that I had performed live recently. I wanted to capture a dense, billowing exhaust sound with a variety of sounds working their way through the backdrop. Those sounds include: a scratched record, slowed down samples, electro acoustic sounds (broken cymbal, broken glass, heavy chain, scouring pad), and minimal synth pulse. Some equipment used include: Rogue analog delay, Behringer digital delay/reverb, Mantic Conceptual Density Hulk, Numark portable turntable, Arturia MicroBrute, and a Noise Generator by Sisto Rossi.

Track 2 “Objective, Subjective, and the Connective Thread” is a harsh noise piece I constructed using some of the following equipment/electronics: Noise Swash, DOD Death Metal, DOD Grunge, Crank Surgeon Silo Jack, copper scouring pad, Behringer digital delay/reverb, and a Noise Generator by Sisto Rossi.

For my final piece “Searching for Commonality,” I wanted to do something more synth driven, while incorporating some glitch elements and a phone dial tone (one of my favorite sounds). For this track I primarily used a Luna Lab Analog Synthesizer, a Micro Blackdeath Synth, and a loop of a phone ringing.

Recorded and mixed by Hal Harmon in Palmetto, FL in the death throes of 2014.

Photo is a screen grab from a video of Vasectomy Party live by R. Moebius”

- 3 tracks of dense billowing noise exhaust
- as always.....

Posted by chefkirk at 8:54 AM PST
-ctrl_vlv_055_-_C. Reider_-_Not Subliminal -

artist: C. Reider
title: “Not Subliminal”

1. Relaxation and Your Survival
2. What's Wrong With This Fellow's Ability to Control Things?    
3. Gala Video '94
4. Harghts
5. Scrimp
License: CC BY NC SA 2014

Bio/statement: “C. Reider is a composer, networker and netlabel manager.  More info on his activities can be found at this bio page:

"Not Subliminal" is the result of a series of experiments with cassettes and cassette players bought at thrift stores during the Summer of 2014.  Much of this is improvised with many cassette players sounding aloud while another cassette player records the sounds mingling with environmental sounds, manipulations were real time.  The exception is "Gala Video '94", where I took a found video cassette and cut strips out of the tape down to 1/8" so that they could play on a standard cassette player.  These were then edited together to make the track.  Post-production: some editing and normalizing.”

- 5 tracks of cassette experiments
- as always.....


Posted by chefkirk at 8:57 AM PST
-ctrl_vlv_054_-_Stephanie (Lak) Germaine_-_Free #98B3E-

artist: Stephanie (Lak) Germaine
title: “Free #98B3E”

Bio/statement: “Stephanie (Lak) Germaine is now in Massachusetts just back from living in San Francisco, California. Live sets are centered around sound collage, field recordings, restless electronics, tapes, objects, voice and video. Collaborator, improvisational performer and multi-instramentalist who is an active multidisciplinary visual artist. As an artist, Stephanie is influenced by the natural world, a digital one and through video, paintings, sketchings and photos she captures, creates and designs interactions between the two.”

- 1 track of restless electronic sound collage
- as always.....


Posted by chefkirk at 8:24 AM PST
-ctrl_vlv_053_-_PCRV_-_Mobile Research Music-

artist: PCRV
title: “Mobile Research Music”

Bio/statement: “Mobile music has come into its own being. Technology has finally caught up with the ideas people are having about the potential of mobile music and mobile devices. From the first Ipod Touch I bought, I saw
the potential to create experimental music that would encompass my interests in improvisation, immediatism and harsh noise plus much more. I’ve probably spent more time making sounds on my phone than I have on all the analog gear I still own. The fact I can be anywhere at any time and be able to make sounds that are expressive, interesting and challenging makes me extremely happy. No longer do I have to set time aside to set up gear, get everything set up to record. I have all that at my figure tips. This release has been years in the making. Not literally. But I have spent years finding the right apps, making sense of what I can do with that and narrowing down the scope of it all.
All tracks within this release are improvised. They are immediate responses to the creative need at that time, whether it was recorded on my couch, in bed, or at work. They encompass all the artistic parameters I set for myself. I hope you enjoy that as much as I do. I feel that at this point in history the analog/digital argument shouldn’t need to exist and I hope this will help people understand its all fair game.”

- 8 tracks of improvised immediate response noise
- as always.....


Posted by chefkirk at 10:05 AM PDT
-ctrl_vlv_052_-_Hexeneiche_-_meditation mishaps -

artist: Hexeneiche
title: “meditation mishaps”

Bio/statement: “Hexeneiche is a hybrid of some sorts: half Dutch, half American, mixing individual baggage into something that combines the bleakness of Northern Europe with the sensual heat of the American South. Both a labor of love and a quest for progress, featuring a delicate layering of tape loops into the infinite and spiking it up with rowdy beats. Synths spitting out distant dubs from left of nowhere and a boy and a girl trying to give it a meaning, to make some sense.”

- 1 tracks of improvised drone soundscapes
- as always.....


Posted by chefkirk at 8:17 AM PDT
-ctrl_vlv_051_-_Greg Gorlen_-_ctrlvlv051 -

artist: Greg Gorlen
title: “ctrlvlv051”

Bio/statement: “this release was made in pure data in two (long) nights in 2014 but draws from four years of experimentation with the program and encouragement and advice from raub roy, erik schoster, and andrea pensado.  the patch consists of one wavetable oscillator split hard left/right in the stereo field; each channel subsequently follows the classic vco -> low pass filter -> vca routing.  the other sound source is a sample of a tr 707 kick drum which triggers on the downbeat.  the remainder of the patch consists of two 8-step sequencers, one of which controls tempo while the other controls pitch and filter cutoff, as well as more subtle modulations such as portamento speed, etc.  before recording a take, i set the 8 pitches and 8 different metronome speeds, tweak the envelope and portamento speed and apply any further routing ideas, and change the waveform in the wavetable.  during real-time recording, the performance consists entirely of modifying the number of steps and direction of each sequencer.  compression and minor edits were done in cubase.  the intention is to realize a piece which pushes boundaries of rhythm and texture using only the most basic elements and concepts from the lineages of "acid techno" and "extreme computer music."  thanks to roger h. smith for releasing this piece.”

- 13 tracks of extreme computer acid
- as always.....


Posted by chefkirk at 9:45 AM PDT
-ctrl_vlv_050_-_Carl Kruger_-_We Devour Our Own -


artist: Carl Kruger
title: "We Devour Our Own"

1. Blood Atonement
2. Suicide State
3. Institutionalized Shame
4. Bring Them Your Young
REMIX BY: Somnaphon, Chefkirk, DJ Eyebrow Ring, Odra, Brownian Motion

Bio/statement: "It’s been said that Mormonism is the ultimate American religion: it’s founders localized the main Characters of the Christian Bible in the new world through fantastical stretches of the imagination Without so much as a shred of physical evidence; the early church adopted the role of underdogs as their leaderships urged them on from one bankrupted promised land after another, in a westward move that mirrored that of the homesteaders and fortune seekers of the periods; the tenements of their faith were based on the claims of a convicted quack whose extraordinary story defies the logic of all but the most creative Hollywood script writer and capable director; their command over their own exemplifies the American trait of establishing your place in history; their ability to self adjust to the times, as evident in the thousands upon thousands of on going changes to their holy book reflects the American ideal of reinvention - all of these represent a religion whose origins could have only occurred when and where it did. Mormonism, like America, loves its champions by punishing its failures.

01 “Blood Atonement” Blood atonement was a practice of the early Mormon Church which served as a punishment for sins believed to be beyond the forgiveness of Christ. The church held that only the sacrificial spilling of the sinner’s blood onto the ground would save them from eternal damnation. This was done by firing squad or decapitation. It is thought that the practice contributed to a culture of violence which lead to further acts of violence on non-Mormon individuals during the time. While blood atonement is no longer recognized by mainstream LDS leadership, it remains an important doctrine of Mormon fundamentalism, and is cited as playing a role in some Utah death penalty trials.

02 “Suicide State” Suicide is a huge problem is Utah. In fact, the Center for Disease control in Atlanta has reported that Utah has the highest percentage of suicidal thoughts among adults in the country. It should be noted that while no clinical studies into the co-relation of Mormonism and Utah’s suicide problem have been conducted, one need only consider the intense sociality pressures placed on the individual by a religious sect as demanding as the Mormon Church to understand the link between the church and its members suicide rates and thoughts. In the interest of fairness, one could debate the link is suspect, as LDS apologists do, however, the ill effect of regimented dogma on the human psyche have been well documented.

03 “Institutionalized Shame” While guilt has played a central role of religious thought since the invention of deities, few have taken the concept of shaming as far as the Mormons. In large part this is due to the expectation of members to publicly admit to their short comings, only to be submitted to emotional manipulation as a consequence. Former members of the church commonly cite the use of shame by the LDS leadership (or the Mormon Corporation, as it is often called) in the insisting in the perfection of its fallible membership - drinking coffee or women owning more then one pair of earrings are punishable acts requiring prolonged, and public, atonement. While seemingly insignificant to the outsider, it is this type of conditioning via shame that molds and affects the mental and emotional health of the membership who are continually reduced to the status of naughty children.

04 ‘Bring Them Your Young” Amongst the many troubling aspects of the founding of the Mormon church, the sexual exploitation of underage children by the leadership might be the most heinous. After establishing his church, LDS founder Joseph Smith was caught having an affair with an underage girl. A fellow LDS founder, disgusted with the relationship, brought it to Smith’s attention that what he was doing was immoral. Smith responded by having him excommunicated. To avoid the messy business of excommunicating future meddlers in his private affairs, and to lay the ground for Pluralist marriages in the church, Smith announced that he’d received a revelation stating that polygamy was favored By God. Interestingly enough, this revelation came in 1843, a decade after Smith had been practicing polygamy while teaching of it pre-revelation evil. During Smith’s life, he married seven documented underage women, the last of which were both 14 years old. Child brides are still common in fundamental Mormon sects, with children routinely as young as 12 being married to church leaders."

- 4 tracks + 5 BONUS REMIX of dense layered abstract electro fry
- as always.....


Posted by chefkirk at 7:42 AM PDT

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